Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus)

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Brand nameEvergrafInternational trade nameZortressActive substanceEverolimusStrength0.25mgCategoryAnti Cancer

Description  of  Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)

Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) is belongs to class of anti-cancer drugs Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) contains of an active compound known as Everolimus which is interfere with development of cancer cell and process is slows down. Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) tablets is not a curable medication, which is helps to slow their spreading into the body.

INDICATIONS of  Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)

The drug Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) is mainly used for the treatment of following disease • kidney carcinoma • Breast carcinoma • Brain carcinoma Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) is also used to treat in various advanced stage cancer in stomach, intestines or pancreas.

MECHANISM OF ACTION  of  Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)

Everolimus is an prohibitor of mTOR, links at peak compatibility to FK506 binding protein 12, through producing drug complex which prevents the productive of mTOR. This inhibition reduces the activity of effectors downstream, which may lead to stoppage of cell progression from G1 into S phase, finally causes cell growth arrest and apoptosis. Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)  also prohibits the expression of hypoxia-inducible factor, causing to a reduces in the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor. The results of everolimus prevention of mTOR is a reduction in cell multiplication, angiogenesis, and glucose uptake.

ABSORPTION OF ACTION  of  Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)

The time to peak plasma concentration of Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) occurs between 1 to 2 hours.

DISTRIBUTION OF ACTION  of  Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)

The drug Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) has Albumin human plasma protein bound of 74%.

METABOLISM OF ACTION  of  Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)

In hepatic Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) metabolism is take place, which is a substrate of CYP3A4. The Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) metabolism will occur through 3 processes; • Three monohydroxylated metabolite, • Two hydrolytic rings opened products, • Phosphatidylcholine conjugate of Everolimus.

ELIMINATION OF ACTION  of  Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)

The drug excretion primarily through 5% in urine; the parent compound has been detected in urine or feces. The drug half-life period is 30 hours.

 SIDE EFFECTS  of  Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)

• Thrombocytopenia
• Hypersensitivity reactions
• Hyperlipemia
• Angioedema
• Lymphomas & other malignancy
• Male infertility
• Proteinuria
• New commencement of diabetes
• Serious infections
• Kidney graft thrombosis
• Hepatic artery thrombosis
• Interstitial lung disease.

DRUG INTERACTION  of  Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)

Interaction of Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) with strong inhibitor of CYP3A4, or P-gp, cause reducing the efflux of Everolimus and high plasma concentration of Everolimus. Concomitant use of Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) with strong CYP3A4 inducers, will increasing the disclosure of Everolimus. Interaction of Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) with cyclosporine will increasing the AUC level of Everolimus frequently. Interaction of ketoconazole with Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) tablet or other CYP3A4 inhibitors will increasing the plasma concentration and AUC of Everolimus. Combination of Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) with verapamil leads to increasing the plasma concentration of Everolimus. Interaction of Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) with Atorvastatin or pravastatin leads to rhabdomyolysis, due to increasing concentration of lipid lowering agents. When Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) combination with rifampicin will reduces the AUC of Everolimus

OVERDOSAGE  of  Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)

The over dosage of Everolimus is limited, If over dosage occurs patient must be provide with supportive measures. And monitor evidence of toxicity in Everolimus over dosage

PREGNANCY  of Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)


pregnancy category of everolimus c : in patients Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) is used only after knowing the benefits to the mother exceed the risk to fetus.

LACTATION  of Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)

Breast feeding should not be suggested

DOSAGE of  Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)

Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) tablets should be given with or without food. Dosage regimen of Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) ; In breast cancer, renal cell cancer, pancreatic cancer, Neuro endocrine cancer: The prescribed dosage is 10mg should be taken as a single dose. In Brain or intracranial cancer: The prescribed dosage of Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)  as a single dose. is 4.5mg/m2 given orally In pediatric: The pediatric dosage of Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)  as a single dose in brain or intracranial tumor is 4.5mg/m2 should be given orally.

STORAGE  of  Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)

Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg) tablet store at 25℃ Protect the medicine away from moisture, heat and light.

MISSED DOSE of  Evergraf 0.25mg (Everolimus 0.25mg)

if a single dose is missed, have the drug probably soon Next dose time reaches then leave the missed dose and continue the regular schedule Please consult with the doctor.

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Anti Cancer
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