Brand Name : Cytotam
Composition : Tamoxifen
Strength : 20mg
Dosage form : Tablets
Manufactured by : Cipla Ltd
Packing : Pack of 30 tablets


Cytotam 20mg is belongs to the anticancer agents and covered by film coated tablet, the drug also an nonsteriodal antiestrogen and work as a modulators with tissue selective activities for the treatment. Cytotam 20mg as an stimulating agent (estrogen) in metabolism of cholesterol, bone density, and cell replication in the endometrium. Cytotam 20mg will help for inhibition of estrogen receptor positive cancer.


Cytotam is used to treat of early breast cancer in women whose been already treated with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, the main ingredient which is used as tamoxifen. Cytotam will help to reduce the risk of developing a more serious type of breast cancer in women who had breast cancer that will not spread outer part of the milk duct where it form ( ductal carcinoma).


Regular adult dose for :
20 to 40mg for 5 years daily administer orally for breast cancer doses is > 20mg given by dividing dose (morning and evening) 20mg 5 years daily given orally for DCIS followed by surgery and radiation on breast For 5 years administer 20mg daily taken orally to decrease the action of breast cancer in women at increased risk for breast cancer 20mg OD orally or 10mg twice daily orally given for adult dose for adjuvant breast cancer and Duration: 5 years Pediatric dose for girls 2 to 10 years 20mg once daily via oral route ; duration upto 12 months administrated for McCune- Albright syndrome 20mg once daily via oral route ; duration upto 12 months given for Precocious Puberty


Cytotam is a type of nonsteroidal agent which interlinked to estrogen receptors (ER), provoke a conformational change in the receptor. This results in a inhibits in the verbalization of estrogen based on genes. Combine of Cytotam is extended to the nuclear chromatin of these consequence will reduced DNA polymerase action, repair thymidine dischargea and restriction uptake of estradiol, hence lowers estrogen response. Cytotam sufficient that to concomitant with other co activators or co repressors in the tissue and fuse with different estrogen receptors.


The time to high plasma concentration is 40mg/ml and Tmax is 5 hours after dosing.
not available
In hepatic Cytotam is metabolized.
Route of excretion is 30% via fecal and 65% was excreted from the body Half life is 5 to 7 days


Consult with the doctor or pharmacist as if you have allergic condition against Cytotam or any of the compound in Tamoxifen tablets. Consult with the doctor that you have or have ever had renal, hepatic, or cardiac problem Consult with the doctor that are you pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Do not have plan for children while on treatment with Cytotam. You must use a specific method of conceiving to prevent pregnancy in yourself or your partner during your treatment with Cytotam The drug will harm the fetus. Avoid breast feeding while on treatment with Cytotam Use drug with caution due to early breast cancer signs hence during treatment with tamoxifen aware about development of breast cancer. Some important precautions should take care Effects in Metastatic breast cancer Patients Some breast cancer patients may reported from hypercalcaemia by starting few weeks treatment, if the condition occur and became severe then tamoxifen should discontinue. Effects on the Uterus-Endometrial Cancer and Uterine Sarcoma An incidence may increase with tamoxifen and uterine cancer malignancies and endometrial carcinoma is resulted with tamoxifen treatment. Non-malignant Effects on the uterus Due to estrogen properties of tamoxifen, an increased incidence of endometrial changes occurs involves like hyperplasia and polyps has been resulted. Hence the drug causes menstrual irregularity or amenorrhea.


While interaction of Cytotam with coumarin type anticoagulants combination will leads to increase in anticoagulant effects may occur. Concomitant use of Bromocriptine with Cytotam will increase the serum level of Cytotam and N-desmethyl tamoxifen.


Known hypersensitivity to the drug or its any ingredients.Women concomitant use with coumarin- type anticoagulant treatment.In women with deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolus history.


Acute overdose is not consider in humans, In animals If administer heavy dose then leads in respiratory difficulties and convulsions and in human unsteady gait, acute neurotoxicity manifested by tremor, hyperreflexia, and vertigo was reported. There is no essential treatment for overdose. Thereby provide the patients by symptomatic supportive measures


Have the missed dose immediately before next dose duration Next dose time arrived then left off the missed dose and follow regular schedule. Avoid to take extra dose at same time. Please consult the doctor for further details


High tumor pain, Tumor site forming reddening, Hair thinning, Weight loss, Stomach pains, Sexual ability lost, Hot flashes, Vertigo.
Serious side effects for tamoxifen and uterine cancer may be as follows, immediately inform the doctor :
Thirst, muscle weakness, restlessness, loss of appetite , Vision difficulty, Fever, Blisters, Abscess on the, throat, face,lips, eyes, tongue, ,ankles or lower legs.

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