About Us


Apple Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading global pharmaceutical Exporter, Wholesaler, Distributor, Supplier and Traders of a wide range of pharmaceutical medicines in the therapeutic segments of Anti-cancer medicines, Hepatitis medicines, Transplant medicines, HIV / AIDS medicines, Life saving medicines, Ayurvedic medicines and other medicines.



Apple Pharmaceuticals   having the valid licenses to stock, exhibit, sell and distribute the pharmaceutical medicines to Retailers, Wholesalers, Hospitals, Patients, Institutions, Chemist both in domestic and international markets as per the needs of customer .


Apple Pharmaceuticals   having the certificate to import and export medicines, certificate is issued by Ministry of commerce, India for exporting and importing pharmaceutical medicines.



Our Mission:


Our Mission is to improve the lives of customers by offering the quality, innovative, genuine medicines and services that drive quality and efficiency in pharmaceutical care


Our Vision


Our Vision is to provides the most cost- effective best medicine with reliable quality in a committed time frame at very economical price.

Adding the value to medical fraternity, we serve and assist the medical professionals all time in an unmet medical needs.



Medicine quality assurances policy :


Apple pharmaceuticals having a quality assurances department to ensure the correctness of the medicine. Our pharmaceutical products have been tested by manufacturers and have conformity certificates for quality. In addition, we use the modern solutions for preparation and dispatch of medicines from India. Our quality analysts check the following parameters all medicine are correct with product details, Batch details, manufacturing details, expiry details, strength, packing etc during purchase and sales. Quality assurances department is lead by highly experienced senior pharmacist with the association of other experienced pharmacist. All the medicines are thoroughly checked for quality parameters for quality assurances before dispatching to the clients.we proven our commitment to our customers for delivering quality products .


 Customer service and Customer satisfaction :


Apple pharmaceuticals supply the genuine, authentic, reliable quality medicines to the customer round the clock around the world at very economical and affordable rates. We always available 24 x 7 x 365 for all the product related questions and logistic questions. we work on very transparent, ethical, clean business policy. we are very trustable and honest in our business at all levels with manufacturers, traders, suppliers, customers etc. We have high base of loyal customers with us for long time because of supplying medicines at low cost, affordability, genuinity and authentic medicines, caring support, 24x7x365 customer service, etc. We always ensure that, medicines should reach the customer on time, we are specialized in on-time delivery system.We ensure the customer satisfactions with our premium medical products  at most affordable price for any diseases.





 Apple Pharmaceuticals having very good tie up with the best reputed logistic companies to ensure the 100% timely delivery to all clients to their door steps whether in bulk cargo package or smaller package for personal uses. We having the smart elegant separate team to handle the logistics part, documentation part and customs clearances part. So, all the orders will process in 24-48 hours without any delay. We are specialized in logistics, having the good, reliable and trusted logistics partners for each and every specific regions who have very good experiences in the particular continent for timely delivery.


Ware House, Cold storage and Packing:


Apple Pharmaceuticals always follow the ethical business relationship all the clients irrespective of order quantity. Our excellent cold storage facility used to maintain all the temperature control pharmaceutical medicines with good quality to ensure the efficacy of the medicine. All the cold storage products is maintained and handle by well trained, well equipped & well experienced registered pharmacist .




Apple pharmaceuticals having the best team with highly qualified, well experienced, more knowledgeable, talented, dedicated professionals. The professionals in apple pharmaceuticals are well disciplined in handling clients queries and solving their queries. In addition, to meet the needs of our customers from around the world, we offer pharmaceutical products in various options. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry to meet the needs of our customers. In order to update them with the help of modern market developments, we regularly conduct seminars. Well educated professionals are employed in apple pharmaceuticals to give the best of service as per the needs of clients.Apple pharmaceuticals team committed to provide the best quality genuine medicines to the client at more affordable and economical prices. Our team won the hearts of many client because of serving nature and dedications towards the client service. Our supreme team have the following set up.


Marketing department

Sales department

Accounts and Finances Department

Order management Department

Purchase department

Senior Pharmacists for order verifications

Junior Pharmacist for product handling

Quality assurances department

Store manager and warehouse Department

Packing department

Logistics Department



Why to choose Apple Pharmaceuticals


Licensed business center

Government approved export certificates

Gen uine, Authentic and Reliable Products

Wide range of products

Economical & Affordable Prices

Worldwide shipping

On time delivery

Qual ity assurances

Customer satisfaction

24 x 7 x 365 customer service

Polite, Care and Efficient Communications



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