Daunotec 20mg (Danuorubicin)

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Daunotec 20mg (Danuorubicin)

ManufacturerCipla LtdBrand nameDaunotecInternational trade nameCerubidineActive substanceDanorobicinStrength20mgCategoryAnti Cancer

Description of Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)

Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg) belongs to the hydrochloride salt of an anthracycline cytotoxic antibiotic produced by a strain of Streptomyces coeruleorubidus.
It is containing as a sterile reddish lyophilized powder in vials for intravenous administration only

Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg) is a prescription Medicine provided under the guidance of medical oncologist

Medical use /Indication of Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)

Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg) is indicated for the treatment in patients with Myelogenous leukemia

Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg) is indicated for the treatment in patients with Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg) is indicated for the treatment in patients with Promyelocytic leukemia

Mechanism of Action Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)

Daunorubicin consist of antimitotic and cytotoxic activity through several proposed mechanisms of action: Daunorubicin forms complexes with DNA by intercalation between base pairs, and it inhibits topoisomerase II activity by stabilizing the DNA-topoisomerase II complex, preventing the relegation portion of the ligation-relegation reaction that topoisomerase II catalyses.

ADME of Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)

The Medicine Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg) has protein bound about 50-60% and volume of distribution is 20-39.2L/kg

Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg) is metabolized in hepatic and the metabolites is Daunorubicinol

The Medicine excreted via feces 40% and urine 25%

Half-life is 14-20 hr for parent Medicine, 24-48 for Daunorubicinol

Side effects of Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)

Common side effects of Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg):

  • Pain in medication was given site
  • Urine may appear red-brown or orange
  • Reduced blood counts
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Mouth sores
  • Loss of hair on the scalp.

Less common side effect of Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg):

  • Diarrhea
  • Problems with fertility
  • Radiation recall
  • Discoloration of nails beds

PRECAUTIONS  of  Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)

  • When using the Medicine Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)the risk of serious cardiotoxicity (involving CHF) & myelosuppression
  • The Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)should use with Caution in hepatic/renal impairment patients
  • The Medicine causes cardiotoxic effects in children may be more sensitive than adults
  • Avoid pregnancy
  • Secondary leukaemia’s resulted when used in concomitant use with radiation or chemotherapy

Drug interaction of Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)

  • When combination with eliglustat will leads increase levels of Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg) by P- glycoprotein efflux transporter. Avoid the Medicine
  • When Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg) combination with tofacitinib will either raises toxicity of the other by immunosuppressive effects.
  • The effects of adenovirus types 4 and 7 live reduces by using Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg) and pharmacodynamic antagonism. Avoid usage of Medicine

Contraindication of Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)


Pregnancy of Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)

Pregnancy category is D

When administrating pregnant women, the Medicine causes fetal harm

Lactation of Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)

Avoid the breastfeeding during treatment with Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)

Dosage of Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)

  • The Acute Nonlymphocytic Leukemia recommended dose in combination with cytarabine 100mg/m2/day IV for 7 days first course, for 5 days consequent course.
  • Then, if patient is <60 years old: 45mg/m2 IVP days1,2,3 first course; days 1,2 consequent course.
  • if patient is >60 years old: 30mg/m2 IVP days1,2,3 first course; days 1,2 consequent course.
  • Monitor the patients cardiac, renal, hepatic function
  • The Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia recommended dose is 45mg/m2 IVP days 1,2,3
  • Monitor the patients cardiac, renal, hepatic function

Storage of Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)

  • Store the unopened vials at 2℃ to 8℃.
  • Store the prepared solution at 20℃ to 25℃.
  • Retain in carton until time of use
  • Protect the Medicine from light and moisture

Missed dose of Daunotec 20mg (Daunorubicin 20mg)

If the patient fails to take a dose of medicine or missed to take a dose, then should not take an extra dose, but to take the next dose at the regular time, leave the missed dose.

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Anti Cancer
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