New Anti Hiv Drugs

Why do We Need New Anti Hiv Drugs?

In a World we all exist there's nearly 50 million people who are infected with HIV. New Anti HIV Drugs are made to combat with the replication of the virus. Viral enzymes while replicating from parental genome mistakes are made these mistakes are translated into numerous mutations. These mutations make contributions for making the virus resistant to New Anti HIV Drugs.

Drugs to Treat Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C virus causes liver infection that can lead to problems which include liver infection & cancer. People who have chronic hepatitis C need drugs to treat Hepatitis C. These drugs can ease sign of illness in HCV.

If there is no symptom of an HCV infection yet in our body yet, It's important to treat it. This is because drugs to treat hepatitis c can also lower the risk of difficulty from HCV, such as dangerous liver problems.

Different genotypes requires different typesof drugs to treat hepatitis c. The medication prescribed for Hepatitis C virus depends on the genotype of a person. Genotype 1 is the most common type in the United States.

Here are the available drugs to treat hepatitis C, plus some helpful information about what to expect with their treatment.

New Cancer Medicine

Most of the treatments don't just attack cancer cells, but healthy cells, too. Thus, people taking New Cancer Medicine too often suffer horrible side effects on top of whatever havoc cancer itself is already wreaking. They become thin and weak. They lose their hair and their color. But now, the next revolution in New Cancer Medicine may have arrived. It’s called “molecularly targeted therapy.” And they are tailor-made to recognize specific molecules unique to specific cancers. These molecules are made to specify unique specific cancer cells. Each year approximately 7,000 Americans are diagnosed with CML.

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