Penvir 250mg


Brand Name : Penvir
Composition : Famciclovir
Strength availability : 250mg
Manufactured by : Hetero Drugs Ltd
Dosage Form : Tablet
Category : Anti-viral drug

Penvir 250mg belongs to antiviral drugs
Penvir 250mg reduce the growth and spread of the herpes virus in which body can fight against infection.
No treatment for herpes and Penvir 250mg will not inhibits from growth of symptoms in the future.


• Penvir 250mg used for the treatment or prevention of herpes infections
• Penvir 250mg used for the treatment of cold sores
• Penvir 250mg used for the treatment for shingles
• Penvir 250mg used for the treatment of returning herpes simplex infections of the skin and mucus membranes (mouth, anus) in people with (HIV) infection.


The recommended dose in Adult for tablet Penvir
Herpes Simplex – Suppression
The usual dose is 250mg twice a day orally for Immunocompetent patients.
The usual dose is 500mg twice a day orally for HIV- Infected patients.
Herpes Zoster
Dose given 500mg every 8 hours for 7 days orally.
Herpes Simplex Labialis
Recurrent herpes labalis: 1500mg single dose orally.
Herpes Simplex – Mucocutaneous / immunocompetent Host
For 7 to 10 days 250mg administrated 3 times a day given orally.
Relapsed episodes: Given 1000mg twice a day for 1 day orally rather 125mg twice a day orally for 5 days.
Herpes Simplex – Mucocutaneous / immunocompromised Host
Relapsed episodes : 500mg twice a day for 7 days.
OVERDOSE: Penvir was well tolerated, If it occurs provide supportive and symptomatic treatment should be given as appropriately.


Famciclovir readily go through biotransformation to penciclovir, which has preventory activity against HSV types 1 (HSV-1) and 2 (HSV-2), varicella-zoster virus (VZV). Thymidine kinase then add phosphorus group to penciclovir to a monophosphate form, which is then converted to penciclovir triphosphate. This blocks HSV-2 DNA polymerase by competing with deoxyguanosine triphosphate, thus prohibiting herpes viral DNA synthesis and multiplication.


Absorption: Fastly absorbed from the GI tract. The Penvir 250mg has Bioavailability: 77% (penciclovir) and Time to peak plasma concentration 1 hr. Food may delay absorption.
Distribution: Plasma protein binding of Penvir is <20%.
Metabolism: changed to penciclovir through deacetylation and oxidation.
Excretion: Penvir: excreted through urine (73%); faces (27%). Elimination half-life of Penvir: 1.6-3 hr.


Interaction of Penvir 250mg with digoxin will slightly increase the digoxin in your blood.
Concomitant use of Famciclovir with probenecid will raise the level of Famciclovir in your blood and increase side effects.


• Susceptible to famciclovir, penciclovir cream (Denavir), acyclovir (Zovirax), any other medications, or lactose. Consult your doctor
• Consult your doctor if you had problems with your immune system, (HIV), (AIDS); inherited conditions where the body is not able to tolerate lactose; or kidney or liver disease.
• Consult your doctor if you are pregnant, decide to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding. While taking Penvir treatment If you become pregnant, discuss with doctor about the condition.
• Penvir may produce drowsy, dizzy, confused, or disoriented. Avoid drive a car until reaction of medication you feel.


• Store the tablet in a closed container
• Keep away from moisture, heat and direct light
• Avoid freezing
• Ask the pharmacist how to dispose the medicine left out.


Less common side effects of Penvir 250mg
• Bloated, full feeling
• Excess air or gas in the stomach or intestines
• Redness of skin
• Mood or mental changes
• Hives or welts
• Itching skin
More common side effects of Penvir 250mg
• Heavy bleeding
• Headache
• Diarrhea
• Cramps
Incident not known side effects of Penvir 250mg
• Black stools
• Bleeding gums
• Blistering, peeling of the skin
• Dizziness
• Joint or muscle pain
• Pinpoint red spots on the skin
• Yellow eyes or skin
• Sores, ulcers or white spot in the mouth or on the lips.


Immediately adminster the medicine as you remember,If you missed any dose .If next dose time reaches swap the missed dose and continue the regular schedule. avoid taking double dose at a time. Please consult the doctor for futher details.

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