Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole)

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Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole)

ManufacturerSun Pharmaceutical IndustriesBrand nameAnabrezInternational trade nameArimidexActive substanceAnastrozoleStrength1mgCategoryAnti Cancer

Description  of  Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg)

Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) tablets belongs to classification of anticancer drugs and it contains active constituents like anastrazole. Anastrazole is identify as non-steroidal Aromatase inhibitor. And which available in the form of tablet. Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) is able to reduce the estrogen production by preventing Aromatase, an enzyme essential for changes of androgen into estrogen. Anastrazole which involves in hormonal treatment. It is prescription drugs which is used under the guidance of pharmacist, the main ingredient which is used as anastrozole.

INDICATIONS of  Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg)

Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) tablets are used in patients for supporting treatment of postmenopausal women with hormone receptor positive breast cancer. Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) is used for treatment of patients require for first line therapy in post menopausal women having receptor positive or hormone receptor exotic locally progressive or metastatic breast carcinoma Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) tablets used for treatment of patients require for second line therapy in patients having metastatic breast cancer, in post menopausal women with cancer advancement consequently tamoxifen treatment. Treatment intermittently perform to Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) tablets in Patients with hormone receptor negative disorder, or patient who are not respond to tamoxifen .

MECHANISM OF ACTION  of  Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg)

Anastrazole concurrently prohibits an enzyme Aromatase which helped for converting of ambient estrogen to estrone via adrenally growth androstenedione by Aromatase in peripheral tissues Hence the drug prevent Aromatase may cause decrease in plasma and tumor accumulation of estrogen, following to reducing of tumor lump or slow the development of tumor growth

Absorption of  Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg)

The drug absorbs rapidly and obtain maximum serum concentration occurs within 2 hours. Effects of food: Reduces food rate but not all the extent of Anastrazole absorption.

Distribution of  Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg)

The drug Anastrazole has human serum protein bound is 40%

Metabolism of  Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg)

The Anastrazole metabolism is occurred via N-Dealkylation, hydroxylation and Glucuronidation The metabolites of Anastrazole are; Triazole-major circulating metabolite which has poor pharmacological activity A glucoronide conjugate of hydroxyl Anastrazole A glucoronide conjugate of Anastrazole

Excretion of  Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg)

Nearly 85% of Anastrazole reclaimed in feces and urine in Hepatic metabolism: 10% total clearance in Renal metabolism The Anastrazole half life is 50 hours

 SIDE EFFECTS  of  Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg)

Common side effects :
Neoplasm, Pain , back pain, headache, abdominal pain, infection, injury, , chest pain, Asthenia, , cyst, flu like syndrome
Cardiovascular: Vasodilatation, hypertension
Digestive: Nausea, constipation, diarrhea, dyspepsia, GI disorders
Blood related effects: Lymph edema, anemia
Metabolism: Peripheral edema, weight gain, hypercholesterolemia
Musculoskeletal: Arthritis, arthralgia, osteoporosis, fracture, bone pain, arthrosis, joint pain, Myalgia
Nervous: Depression, insomnia, dizziness, anxiety, paresthesia
Respiratory: Pharyngitis, cough increased, dyspnea, sinusitis, bronchitis
Skin: Rashes, sweating
Eye: Cataract specified
Urogenital:, urinary tract infection, breast pain, breast neoplasm, vulvovaginitis, vaginal hemorrhage,
vaginitis ; Leucorrhea

PRECAUTIONS  of  Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg)

The patient administrating with tamoxifen may have increase in serum cholesterol level correlated by Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) tablets Condition of ischemic cardiovascular action: There is a chance of raising of proportion of ischemic cardiovascular effects while getting Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) tablets. When patients getting Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) tablet have chance of getting Cholesterol due to lowering total hip bone density and lumbar spine density.

DRUG INTERACTION of  Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg)

Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) tablet will change the effect of other drugs, it concluded as CYP-450 prohibition. While tamoxifen combination with Anastrazole will reduce the plasma concentration of Anastrazole by 27%. Avoid continuse use with Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) tablet which may cause depletion of its pharmacological activity in Estrogen therapy. Concomitant use of Warfarin with Anastrazole, it did not alter the anti-coagulant effect.

PREGNANCY  of Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg)

Pregnancy category of Anastrazole: X While using Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) 1mg the animal or human studies shown fetal abnormalities and unsafe to use the drug during pregnancy clearly. The drug Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) while using in pregnant women or to become pregnant is contraindicated.

LACTATION  of Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg)

The drug excreted into breast milk taking account on this, discussion should done on whether to discontinue the breast feeding or the drug. Use of drug is contraindicated during breastfeeding. It is unclear the effect of new born babies.

DOSAGE of  Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg)              

In adult for the treatment of breast cancer: Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) 1mg recommended dose is one tablet of 1mg, taken once a day, Administrated orally with or without food Patients having postmenopausal women with hormone receptor +ve in adjuvant treatment in early invasive breast cancer. Duration of treatment is 5 years. In pediatric patients for the treatment of breast cancer: Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) tablet is not used and no inadequate data on safety and efficacy. Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg) should be followed for five years in ATAC trials In renal impairment patients or for elderly patients no dose adjustments acquired In mild to moderate hepatic impairment condition no dose adjustment takes place.

STORAGE  of  Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg)

Stored at 20oC to 25oC (68oF to 77oF) at controlled room temperature. Protect the drug container away from heat, moisture, and light.

MISSED DOSE of  Anabrez 1mg (Anastrozole 1mg)

If missed a dose the have it as soon possible or Missed dose should be swapped and continue the regular dosing schedule sfor avoiding adverse conditions. If missed dose occurs, it should not be resume and continue the next schedule.

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Anti Cancer
Sun Pharmaceuticals
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