Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir)

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Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir)

ManufacturerCipla LtdBrand nameDaruvirInternational trade namePrezistaActive substanceDarunavirStrength300mgCategoryHIV

Description of Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg)

Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg)tablets are consist of an active substance known as Darunavir which evacuate anti-retroviral activity, the main ingredient which is used as Darunavir. Because appearance of anti-viral medicine resistance which occurred during single use of Daruvir, the drug administered by combining with other anti-retroviral drugs. Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg)is belongs to HIV protease inhibitor, includes in the treatment of AIDS & HIV infections.

Medical use /Indication of Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg)

Combination of Cobicistate or Ritonavir or other antiretroviral with Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg) is indicated for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in adult patients.The Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg) uses is based on Analysis of Plasma HIV-1 RNA levels  CD4+cells counts.  Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg) with Ritonavir combination is indicated for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in pediatric patients.

Mechanism of Action Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg)

Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg) is drive out an anti-retroviral effect by prohibiting the protease enzyme which is needed for HIV viral multiplication, Dimerization and catalytic effect of HIV-1 protease also forbidden. In virus infected cells, darunavir includes in inhibits the separation of HIV encoded Gag-pol polyproteins, thus the prevention which blocks the production of mature infectious virus particle. Darunavir has molecular affability, so it can easily adapts for changing shape of protease enzymes.

Side effects of Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg)

Common side effects: Mild nausea,stomach ache, insomnia, itching and rashes,Change in body shape (fat).

Serious side effects :

Signs of allergic reaction like Hives, Dyspnea, Swelling of (face,lips,throat,tongue); Severe hepatomegaly with steatosis; Chest discomfort; Wheezing; Cold sore; increased heart rate; Lumbar pain

Precaution of Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg)

Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg) is a sulfonamide moiety, use with cautiously if patients are allergy to sulfonamide. Due to Drug interactions: Some drug – drug interaction may causes severe life threatening conditions. Avoid the combinational therapy. Hemophilia: In protease inhibitor therapies, there is a chance of getting increased bleeding condition leads to skin hematomas & hemarthrosis in patients suffered with hemophilia type A or B Diabetes mellitus: Increasing blood glucose level during the Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg) therapy is a major adverse effect. Monitor the patient’s glucose level during the treatment periodically. Redistribution of fat: The major adverse risk of this condition is obesity. This may generally occurs in anti-retroviral treatments. Immune reconstitution syndrome: This may occurs in Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg) therapy; to overcome the problem therapy should be discontinued.

Contraindication of Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg)

Interaction of Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg) with ritonavir are mostly based on CYP3A for clearance and increased plasma concentration causes life threatening reactions similarily with Interaction with Alfuzosin cause hypotension Interaction with Dihydroergotamine causes peripheral vasospasm sand ischemia. Interaction with Cisapride and pimozide causes cardiac arrhythmias Conicomitant use of Midazolam and triazolam causes respiratory depression.

Pregnancy of Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg)

Category C: In animal studies revealed that in reproduction has an adverse reaction on fetus and there has been no acceptable and well illustrate studies in human but the drug usage in pregnant women assign potential risk for fetus.

Lactation of Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg)

Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg) is probably unsafe to use during breastfeeding. Please consult with doctor

Dosage of Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg)

In usual dose 600mg (2 dose of 300mg) taken twice daily (BD) with food in oral administration. While in adult patients the Treatment for no Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg) resistance associate substitutions is 800mg Darunavir OD with Ritonavir OD (once daily) with food. Darunavir 600mg combination with Ritonavir 100mg BD with food provide treatment for at least one Darunavir resistance associated substitution is.

Storage of Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg)

Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg) store at room temperature 25 ℃. Keep the medicine in airtight container and away from the childern’s and pets.

Missed dose of Daruvir 300mg (Darunavir 300mg)

The dose is missed by patient, administer the missed dose before the next dose timing reaches or leave the missed dose and follow the regular schedule Please consult the doctor.

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