Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan)

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Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan)

ManufacturerHetero Drugs LtdBrand nameIriteroActive substanceIrinotecanStrength100mgCategoryAnti CancerManufacturerHetero Healthcare Ltd

Description  of  Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)

Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) is a camptothecin derivative that exerts antitumor activity against a variety of tumors.The active metabolite of Campto is SN-38 produced in the body by carboxylesterase .
Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) is used to cure cancers of the colon and rectum. It is usuallyadministering with other chemotherapy medicines in a combination chemotherapy.
Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) is a prescription drugs which is used under supervision by medical physician

INDICATIONS of  Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)

Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) is mainly used for the treatment in patients with metastatic colon or rectal cancer.

MECHANISM OF ACTION  of  Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)

Camptothecin is a derivative of irinotecan which interact particularly with the enzyme topoisomerase I, which relieves torsional strain in DNA by activating reversible single-strand breaks. Irinotecan and its active metabolite SN-38 bind to the topoisomerase I-DNA complex and inhibitsrelocation of these single-strand breaks. The cytotoxicity of Irinotecan is because of double-strand DNA injury produced during DNA combination when multiplication enzymes interact with the ternary complex formed by topoisomerase I, DNA, and either Irinotecan or SN-38. Mammalian cells cannot expertly repair these double strand breaks.

Absorption of  Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)

Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) has time to Peak Plasma Concentration of Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) is 1660 ng/mL; SN-38 26.3 ng/mL

Distribution of  Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)

Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) has Protein Bound: 30-68%; SN-38 95% and Vd: 110-234 L/m²

Metabolism of  Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)

Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) is mainly metabolized in hepatic, to SN-38; SN-38 is further metabolized by UGT1A1 and metabolites are metabolized to SN-38

Excretion of  Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)

Excretion of Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) through urine, feces
Half-Life of Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg): 6-12 hr; SN-38 10-20 hr

 SIDE EFFECTS  of  Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)


Common side effects of Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) :
Anxiety, Black, tarry stools, Changes in skin colour, Bruising, Chest pain, Decrease appetite, Confusion, Constricted pupils, Hoarseness, Dark urine , Hair loss, Mouth ulcers, Tummy pain.
Serious side effects of Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) :
Decreased amount of urine, Troubled breathing, Hives , Rapid weight gain, Constipation, Liver changes, Increased blood pressure, Swelling around the drip site, Skin rash, Dizziness, Blood clots.

PRECAUTIONS  of  Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)

Drug Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) is exposed to photodegradation, specifically in neutral & alkaline solutions
When treatment will cause Hyperbilirubinemia, elderly, receiving radiation therapy, abdominal/pelvic radiation history
Not for use in concomitant with a regimen of 5-FU/LV administered for 4-5 consecutive days every 4 weeks outside of a clinical study
While on Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) treatment interstitial pulmonary disease (IPD)-like events, contains fatalities, have been resulted (in combination and as monotherapy) for treatment of colorectal cancer and other advanced solid tumors
Risk of both early and late forms of diarrhea will occurs on treatment with Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)
Risk of serious myelosuppression; manage febrile neutropenia immediately with antibiotic support; discontinue therapy and decrease subsequent doses if necessary

DRUG INTERACTION of  Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)

  • When interaction of Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)with 5-fluorouracil and leucovorin (LV), the disposition of irinotecan was not substantially altered.
    • Co administration of Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)with strong CYP34A inducers do not administer unless there are no therapeutic alternatives
    • When concomitant use of Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) with strong CYP34A inhibitors may increase systemic exposure to irinotecan or SN-38

CONTRAINDICATION of  Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)

Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to the drug or its excipients

PREGNANCY  OF Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)

Pregnancy category is D

The drug Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) may causes risk to fetus when administered to pregnant women. Advice the women about the potential hazard to the fetus

LACTATION of Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)

The drug Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) has no data on the excretion into human milk. Advice the breastfeed mother potential risk to the infants. So, discontinue nursing when getting treatment with Campto.

DOSAGE of  Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)


Colorectal cancer :
Monotherapy dosage :
Premediate the patients with antiemetic agents
For experience cholinergic symptoms in patient’s atropine treatment should be considered
Dose 1: 125mg/m2 IV infusion over 90 minutes on days 1,8,15,22, then 2 weeks off then repeat administrated weekly Dose 2: 350mg/sq. meter IV Infusion over 30-90 minutes q3weeks administrated once every 3 weeks.
Combination therapy :
Premediate the patients with antiemetic agents
For experience cholinergic symptoms in patient’s atropine treatment should be considered
Dose 1: 180mg/m2 IV infusion over 30-90 minutes once on days 1,15, and 29, then followed by infusion with leucovorin and 5- fluorouracil; next cycle begins on day 43
Dose 2: 125mg/sq. meter on days 1,8,15 and 22 IV Infusion over 90 minutes then followed by bolus doses of leucovorin and 5-fluorouracil


STORAGE  of  Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)

Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg) is Store at 20℃ to 25 ℃
Protect from light
Keep in its original vial until the time of use

MISSED DOSE of  Iritero 100mg (Irinotecan 100mg)

If dose is missed, then take the dose immediately before reach of next dose time or leave the missed dose and follow the normal schedule. Avoid have extra dose which leads to over dosage
Consult the doctor about missed dose and overdose

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Anti Cancer
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