Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide)

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Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide)

ManufacturerNatco Pharma Ltd.Brand nameLenalidInternational trade nameRevlimidActive substanceLenalidomideStrength5mgCategoryAnti Cancer

Description  of  Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

The indications of Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) are; Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) combination with dexamethasone is indicated to treat the patients suffered from multiple myeloma, the main ingredient which is used as Lenalidomide. Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) is indicated for the patients having transfusion-dependent anemia because of intermediate 1 risk myelodysplastic syndrome along with deletion 5q cytogenetic abnormality without or without addition cytogenetic abnormalities Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) is used to treat the patients with mantle cell lymphoma in which its used whose the disease was relapsed or progressed after two before treatment, especially the disease not response with the bortezomib therapy.

MECHANISM OF ACTION  of  Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) involves in the prudence of tumor and factor alpha arrangement, thatreinforcement the T-cells and leads to lessening plasma levels of cytokines vascular endothelial growth factor and fundamental fibroblast growth factor. Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) is moreover engaged with the stave off angiogenesis. Lenalidomide is further more authorize G1 cell cycle capture and apoptosis of ruinous cells.

ABSORPTION OF ACTION  of  Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

absorbed rapidly withpeak plasma concentration is between 0.625 and 1.5 hrs. combining with food will not change the prolong of absorption but dose decrease in Cmax.

DISTRIBUTION OF ACTION  of  Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

bounding of plasma protein is 30%

METABOLISM OF ACTION  of  Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

mainly metabolized in two metabolites is hydroxy-lenalidomide and N-acetyl-lenalidomide.

ELIMINATION OF ACTION  of  Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

primarily eliminated in renal route and the dose excreted via urine 90% and feces 4% and half-life is 3hrs

 SIDE EFFECTS  of  Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

Second primary malignancies Hepatotoxicity , Hypersensitivity reactions, Thyroid dysfunction, Fetal toxicity, Hematological toxicity, Tumor lysis syndrome, Tumor flare reactions, Increase of mortality rate.
Common side effects;
Diabetes mellitus, Rash, Insomnia, Depression, Deep vein thrombosis, Myocardial infraction, Renal failure, Squamous cell carcinoma, Basal cell carcinoma, Fatigue, Asthenia, Pyrexia, Pain, Diarrhea, Dyspepsia, Bone pain, Neck pain, Respiratory infections, UTI, Influenza, Sepsis, Headache, Anemia, Loss of appetite, Hypokalemia, Hyperglycemia, Hypocalcaemia, Dehydration, Gout.

PRECAUTION  of  Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

The some of the common life-threatening condition like
Venous & arterial thromboembolism
Blood clotting effects
Embryo fetal damage
Hypersensitivity reactions
Hematological disorders
For all these conditions, some supportive measures should be used and provide safety measures.

DRUG INTERACTION  of  Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

Interaction of Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)  with digoxin leads to increased concentration of digoxin causes increased risk of adverse effects related to digoxin. Interaction of Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) with Erythropoietic agents, cause to produced rises in risk of thrombosis. Discuss with the patients prior to starting this combination treatment. Interaction of Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) with warfarin, will produce increased exposure of hemorrhage disorders. check the INR value & prothrombin time.

OVERDOSAGE  of  Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

Over dosage of Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) will cause neutropenia& thrombocytopenia as mainly common side effects. Give the patient general supportive treatment. check the blood cells counts regularily during the treatment.

CONTRAINDICATION of  Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

When pregnancy period the drug is contraindicated The patients are contraindicated to hypersensitivity reaction and the Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) component.

PREGNANCY  of Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

Pregnancy category X Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) will produce serious fetal damage leads to death

LACTATION  of Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

While on Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) treatment ,Breast feeding should not be recommended

DOSAGE of  Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

The adult usual dose of Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) in myelodysplastic syndromes is 10mg and adminisrated once a day. For renal damaged patients; CrCl>60ml/minIn Patients should not needed dosage adjustment of Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) CrCl 30 to 60ml/minIn Patients, 5mg of Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)  should administre orally as once daily CrCl<30ml/minIn Patient, 2.5mg of Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)should be given orally as a once daily. Dosage variation;
Drops to <50000/mcL, treatment should be interrupted. Back to > or equal to 50000/mcL, follow the Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) of 5mg per day.
Drops to <500/mcL, treatment should be delayed. Back to > or equal to 500/mcL, treatment should be follow to 5mg per day.
Multiple myeloma
In this disease, concomitant use of dexamethasone with Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg). The regular dose of Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg) is 25mg should be given as once in a day on day 1 to 21. The dose of dexamethasone; Dexamethasone 40mg should be continued on day 1 to 4, 9 to 12 & 17 to 20 of each period of28-day cycles. Patient with greater than 75 years, dexamethasone20mg should be prescribed on day 1, 8, 15, & 22.

STORAGE  of  Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

The drug stored at 20℃ to 25℃. Store the container from light Protect away from moisture & heat.

MISSED DOSE of  Lenalid 5mg (Lenalidomide 5mg)

if a single dose is missed, have the drug probably soon Next dose time reaches then leave the missed dose and continue the regular schedule Please consult with the doctor.

Brand name:
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Active substance:
Anti Cancer
Natco Pharma Ltd
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