Lenvatinib 4mg (Lenvatinib)

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Brand nameLenvimaInternational trade nameLenvimaActive substanceLenvatinibStrength4mgCategoryAnti Cancer

Description  of  Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg)

Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) is also known as tyrosine kinase inhibitor.
Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) targets something to the cancer cells.
Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) is well absorbed. In which Food does not affect the range of absorption but lower the rate.
Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) which is a prescription Medicine used under proper guidance of medical oncologist.

INDICATIONS of  Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg)

  • Indicated For the treatment of thyroid cancer which cannot be treated with radioactiveiodine.
    • Indicated By combined with everolimus to treat the advanced renal carcinoma in which other Medicines failed to be effective.
    • Indicated For the treatment of hepatocellular primary liver cancer

MECHANISM OF ACTION  of  Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg)

Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) called as targeted therapy. In which it aims something particular to the cancer cells, hence reduces side effects caused by repairing to the healthy cells. Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) mechanism by inhibiting two processes which allow cancer cells to develop
• Prevention of a protein that promotes cell division
• Stopping the VEGF receptor, which is necessary for angiogenesis, or the growth of a blood supply to the tumor. This discard the tumor's source of nutrients.

ADME of  Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg)

Maximum plasma concentration is 1 to 4 hours post dose.
Effect with food is low to the extent of absorption.
Human plasma proteins bounding about 98% to 99%.
Metabolized in CYP3A and aldehyde oxidase. Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) metabolic pathway is identified as enzymatic and non-enzymatic processes.
The Medicine excreted via 64% feces and 25% urine,
The terminal half-life of Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) is 28 hours.

 SIDE EFFECTS  of  Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg)

Common side effects :
• Weight reduced
• Palmar-plantar erythrodysesthesia
• Protein urea
• Hand-foot syndrome
• Dyspnea
• Loss of appetite
• Difficulty speaking
• Heartburn
• Blood pressure increased
• Diarrhea
• Muscle aches
• Mouth sores
• Insomnia
• Dental & oral infection
• Taste changes
• Swelling
• Nose bleed
• Urinary tract infection
• Hair loss
• Taste changes
• Rash

PRECAUTIONS  of  Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg)

  • When using Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg)Hypertension reslted in 73% of Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg)-treated patients in clinical trials (grade 3 hypertension was 44%); regulate blood pressure before to treatment; check blood pressure after 1 week, then q2weeks for the first 2 months.
    • Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg)causes Arterial thromboembolic events occurred in 5% of treated patients; stop Medicine following a thromboembolic event; forever stop treatment following an arterial thrombotic event.
    • When using of Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) capsules will occurs Gastrointestinal perforation or fistula (2%); stop if patient experience a GI perforation or life-threatening fistula; permanently stop therapy in patients who have gastrointestinal perforation of any serious or Grade 3 or 4 fistula.
    • While on treatment will reported Serious complications of poorly controlled hypertension.
    • Discuss with the doctor if you are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. Avoid breastfeed during Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) treatment.


PREGNANCY  OF Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg)

Pregnancy category: D

When given to pregnant women, Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) Medicines can cause harm to the fetal. There are no specific data available on human related to Medicine associated risk.

Advice pregnant women specific risk to fetus.

LACTATION of Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg)

Excretion of Medicine Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) is present in human milk is unknown. Because of the serious side effects in infants from the Medicine.
Advice to avoid breast feeding during treatment with Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg).

DOSAGE of  Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) 

The recommended dose of differentiated thyroid cancer is Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg), it administers by two 10mg and one 4 mg capsules taken orally, once in a day along with or without food.
The recommended dose of renal cell carcinomas is Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) 18 mg, given as one 10mg capsule and two 4 mg capsules administrated in combination with 5mg everolimus orally taken once in a day with or without food.
The recommended dose of first-line treatment of unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma is based on actual body weight
If < 60 kg then 8mg PO qDay
If ≥ 60 kg then 12mg PO qDay
Administration :
• Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) capsule must take at same time each day
• Follow the Medicine till disease progression.
• Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) capsules must swallowed whole.
• In a small glass of liquid dissolved the capsules
• In 1 tablespoon apple juice or water and embed the capsules into the liquid without breaking or crushing them.
• Dip the capsules in the liquid for at least 10 minutes.
• The liquid is agitated for at least 3 minutes. Drink the mixture.
• Add 1 tablespoon of water or apple juice to the glass after drinking the mixture
• Mix up the contents a few times and swallow the additional liquid.
OVERDOSAGE: Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) has no individual antitoxin for overdose. Since high plasma protein binding. Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg) is not expected to be dialyzable. Take the patients to emergency medical department or call poison control helpline.

STORAGE  of  Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg)  

Store the Medicine at 2 ℃ – 8 ℃
Avoid freezing or shake
Protect from light

MISSED DOSE of  Lenvima 4mg (Lenvatinib 4mg)

The dose of Medicine is missed, and then takes the dose as you remember earlier. If time to next dose reaches, then swap the missed dose and continue the routine schedule. Avoid taking 2 doses at one time. Please consult your doctor for further clarification

Brand name:
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Active substance:
Anti Cancer
20 capsules
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