Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib)

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Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib)

ManufacturerCipla LtdBrand nameSoranibInternational trade nameNexavarActive substanceSorafenibStrength200mgCategoryAnti Cancer

Description  of  Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)

Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) belongs to a class of multi kinase inhibitors, the main ingredient which is used as sorafenib. It is not used as curable medicine but Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) is used to reduce the growth rate of cancer cells by barrier the actions of an aberrant protein signal transduction helps to develop the cancer cells. Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) is mechanism by depleting the blood supply to the cancer cells and stop  their division and production.

INDICATIONS of  Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)


Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) is indicated for the treatmentthe patients suffereing from hepatocellular carcinoma

And for Treatment of kidney cancer the Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) tablet is used

Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) are indicated to treat the patients suffered with advanced carcinoma refractory to radioactive iodine (metastatic thyroid cancer)

MECHANISM OF ACTION  of  Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)

Sorafenib is an oral anti-cancer drugs, and also an inhibitor of various protein kinases, as such as VEGFR, PDGFR and Raf family kinases, because of usage in different kinases it is commonly known for multikinase enzyme inhibitor that decreases cell proliferation in vitro, researchers still made to improve sorafenib mechanism of action to behave as effective inhibitor.

ABSORPTION OF ACTION  of  Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)

Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) tablet when compared to oral solution the mean bioavailability is 38-49% after absorption. The time to high plasma level of Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) is 3hrs. Therefore Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) is administrated without food.

DISTRIBUTION OF ACTION  of  Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)

The drug Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) has human plasma protein bounding is 99.5%

METABOLISM OF ACTION  of  Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)

In liver CYP3A4, Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) go through metabolism of oxidative and in glucuronidation by UGT1A9. Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) has totally 8 metabolite are found in which 5 metabolite present in serum.

ELIMINATION OF ACTION  of  Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)

In oral administration, the total dose excreted 96% within 14 days, and elimination of dose via feces 77% and dose in urine 19% as glucuronidated.

 SIDE EFFECTS  of  Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)

Common Sorafenib Side Effects: mouth dryness ; throat soreness ; Tiredness :Acne ; Dry skin ; Nausea ; Itching or rash skin ; Vomiting, ; Diarrhea ; Patchy hair thinning, ; decreased appetite ; Stomach pain ; etc.
Serious Side Effects : Chest heavy feeling ; Sudden weakness ; Increased blood pressure ; Bloody stools ; Coughing up blood / vomit ; fast heart rate ; low concentration ;; dermatology problem; jaundice etc.

PRECAUTION  of  Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)

To confirm the Using of Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) medicine is safe for the patient , Inform the doctor if you have any of these other conditions:
• kidney or liver problems other than cancer
• Bleeding(hemophilia)
• high BP
• Cardiac problems
• a history of stroke
• allergies
If you are allergic to Sorafenib (the active ingredients)

DRUG INTERACTION  of  Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)

Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) interaction with carbamazepine + dexamethasone + Phenobarbital + phenytoin + rifamipicin leads to reduce in Sorafenib plasma concentration. Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) interaction with doxorubicin and irinotecan will increase the plasma concentration.

CONTRAINDICATION of  Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)

The patients is contraindicated to hypersensitivity reaction then avoid using Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) tablet Carboplatin and paclitaxel interaction with Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) will cause to squamous cell lung cancer.

PREGNANCY  & LACTATION  of Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)

The patients is contraindicated to hypersensitivity reaction then avoid using Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) tablet Category D: Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) can affect to an unborn baby and leads to injury and even death to the unborn baby if you treatment during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. If you are pregnant avoid the Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) medicine .


LACTATION  of Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)

It is unknown that this medicine passes into breast milk or could harm a new born baby. Avoid using of Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) medication, if your breast feeding.

DOSAGE of  Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)

  • The Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)Tablets usual dose is 400 mg (2 x 200 mg tablets)
    • Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)administrated twice daily on empty stomach (at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal).
    • The therapy should continue untill the patient is not clinically benefiting from the treatment.

STORAGE  of  Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)


Stored at 25℃ Place in cool and dry place and protect from light and heat. Dispense in its original container and close it tightly. Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg) should keep away from children.

MISSED DOSE of  Soranib 200mg (Sorafenib 200mg)

if a single dose is missed, have the drug probably soon Next dose time reaches then leave the missed dose and continue the regular schedule Please consult with the doctor.

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Anti Cancer
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