Stavir 30mg (Stavudine)

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Stavir 30mg (Stavudine)

ManufacturerCipla LtdBrand nameStavirInternational trade nameZeritActive substanceStavudineStrength30mgCategoryHIV

Description  of  Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg)

Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) is type of synthetic thymidine nucleoside analogue, and exist as antiretroviral agents. Primarily the drug Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) is effective against the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) and AIDS and it’s not applicable for first line treatment Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) belongs to an dideoxynucleoside analog which prohibits the reverse transcriptase and has in vitro activity against HIV. Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) is not a cure for HIV or AIDS. Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) is a prescription drug which is used under guidance of physician

INDICATIONS of  Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg)

Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) capsules in concomitant use with other antiretroviral drugs which are used to treat the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 infection. Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) is may also required for inhibition after a needlestick injury or other potential exposure. 

MECHANISM OF ACTION  of  Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg)

Stavudine, is belongs to nucleoside analogue of thymidine, and by cellular kinases to the active metabolite is phosphorylated to Stavudine triphosphate. Stavudine triphosphate prohibits the activity of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase (RT) by battle with the natural substrate thymidine triphosphate (Ki=0.0083 to 0.032 μM) and by resulting DNA chain termination following its fusion into viral DNA. Stavudine triphosphate prohibits cellular DNA polymerases β and γ and markedly decreases the coalescence of mitochondrial DNA.


Absorption of Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg)

Fastly absorped with high serum concentrations occurring within 1 hour after dosing.

Distribution of Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg)
Human plasma protein bounding is negligible

Metabolism of Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg)
The active substrate for HIV- reverse transcriptase is phosphorylated intracellularly to Stavudine triphosphate.

Elimination of Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg)
The total radioactivity was eliminated in urine 95% and feces 3% respectively. Stavudine administrating to healthy subjects following 80mg dose.


 SIDE EFFECTS  of  Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) 

While using with drug most people affect with some side effect. Some of them are listed below :
Decreased in platelets count , Elevation of blood glucose level, Increased bilirubin, Increased serum AST, ALT, Increased alkaline phosphatase, Insomnia, Abnormal dreams, Fatigue, Neutropenia, Anemia, Headache, Nausea, Asthenia, Abdominal pain, Gastritis, Hepatitis, Hypersensitivity, Stevens Johnson syndrome, Herpes zoster, Dizziness, Renal failure, Suicidal ideation, Rash.

PRECAUTION  of  Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg)

Neurologic symptoms : Motor weakness has been resulted rarely in patients getting combination with antiretroviral treatment involving Stavudine and patients should be monitored for the growth of peripheral neuropathy.
Hepatic toxicity : HIV patients with significant underlying liver disease, the safety and efficacy of stavudine have not been established. If combination with antiretroviral therapy, some serious problem arises and potentially fatal hepatic adverse events and should be checked according to standard practice.
Lactic acidosis : Severe hepatomegaly with steatosis and lactic acidosis with the use in combination or nucleoside analogues involves stavudine and other antiretrovirals.
Fat redistribution : Redistribution/aggregation of body fat involving central obesity, dorsocervical fat augmentation (buffalo hump), peripheral wasting, facial wasting, breast enlargement, and “cushingoid appearance” have been observed in patients getting antiretroviral therapy.


DRUG INTERACTION  of  Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) 


Interaction of Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) with zidovudine will competitively prohibits the intracellular phosphorylation of Stavudine . Concomitant use of Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) with doxorubicin should be taken with caution, it will cause to the phosphorylation of Stavudine is prohibit at relevant concentrations by doxorubicin. While co administration of Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) with ribavirin will decrease phosphorylation of Lamivudine, Stavudine and zidovudine. 

CONTRAINDICATION  of  Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg)

In patients Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) capsules is contraindicated with hypersensitivity to Stavudine or to any of the components.

OVERDOSAGE of  Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg)

The recommended daily dosage exposes no acute anitoxin. The chronic dosage complexity includes peripheral neuropathy and hepatic toxicity. Stavudine can be removed by hemodialysis

PREGNANCY  & LACTATION of Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg)

Pregnancy category C The pregnant women using the drug has no sufficient and well tolerated studies of Stavudine only if can use the possible benefit justifies the possible risks.

The drug Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) is excreted into milk even though not known Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) is excreted in human milk there are possibility of adverse effects. Hence mothers should be instructed not be breast feed if they getting stavudine.


DOSAGE of  Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) 

The usual dose of the adult to treat of HIV infection The dosage of Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg) is primarily depends on body weight as follows: Administer 30mg every 12 hours for the patients weighing < 60kg. Administered 40mg every 12 hours for the patients weighing at least 60kg .
Usual dose for pediatrics : For newborns from birth to 13 days old given 0.5mg/kg given 12 hours For pediatric patients at least 14 days old administered 1mg/kg given every 12 hours Use same adult dose for pediatric patients weighing at least 30kg

STORAGE  of  Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg)

Store at 20℃ to 25℃

Dispense the drug in original container 

MISSED DOSE of  Stavir 30mg (Stavudine 30mg)

If a dose is missed by patient then have the dose you remember before next dose or leave the missed dose then follow the regular schedule. Please consult with the doctor.

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