Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir and Velpatasvir)

Sofosbuvir and Velpatasvir
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Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir and Velpatasvir)

ManufacturerAbbott India Ltd.Brand nameVelpaclearInternational trade nameEpclusaActive substanceSofosbuvir and VelpatasvirStrength400mg & 100mgCategoryHepatitis C

Description of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg)

Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) is the fixed dose combination of these two most widely used anti-viral agents. Sofosbuvir & Velpatasvir are directly acting anti-viral agents which are involved in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C viral infection. Sofosbuvir is usually combined with other anti-viral agent for exhibiting the prominent effects. Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) is the FDA approved product, which is used in chronic HCV condition. Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) should be used in genotype I, II, III, IV, V or VI associated hepatitis C viral infections.    

Medical use /Indication of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg)

Sofosbuvir is a NS5B protein inhibitor, protein is essential for viral production. Sofosbuvir is a prodrug form, which get converted into active uridine triphosphate form which is required for anti-viral activity. This dynamic active moiety is get inserted into HCV RNA with the help of NS5B polymerase and leads as chain eliminator. Velpatasvir is pharmacologically acts as NS5A inhibitor; this protein is required for HCV viral production. Velpatasvir is involved its action in viral production process.

Side effects of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg)

Serious bradycardia occurs due to concomitant use of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) with amiodarone:
Fatigue, Nausea, Asthenia, Insomnia, Irritability, Headache.

Drug interaction of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg)

Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) tablets are combined with P-gp inducers either potent or moderate, causes loss of activity of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) by decreasing the sofosbuvir plasma concentration. Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) tablets co administered with P-gp or BCRP inhibitors, leads to increase the exposure of adverse effects of these substrates. Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) combined with warfarin causes variation in both prothrombin time & INR values. Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) co administered with acid reducing agents causes decreasing the effect of concentration of sofosbuvir & velpatasvir leads to loss of activity ofVelpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg).Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) tablets combined with amiodarone leads to cause bradycardia. Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) tablets co administered with anti-convulsants, or anti-mycobacterials, causes decreasing concentration of sofosbuvir & VelpatasvirVelpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) with st Johns wort causes losing the anti-viral activity of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) by decreasing the concentration of either sofosbuvir or VelpatasvirVelpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) combined with HMG CoA reductase inhibitors causes increasing the concentration of these drugs.

Precaution of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg)

The reoccurrence of HBV infection happens in patients who are co infected with HBV/HCV. This may prevented by; Examine the patients HBsAg & anti-HBc levels before initiating the therapy. Liver function test should be examine frequently The health management related to HBV infection should be started.

Contraindication of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg)

Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) is contraindicated to pregnancy condition due to concomitant use with ribavirin. Some anaphylactic reactions are acquired during the therapy, while the patients are contraindicated to the component of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg).

Pregnancy of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg)

Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) is probably safe to use and its pregnancy category is B While concomitant with ribavirin then the pregnancy category is X, it is not used during pregnancy period.

Lactation of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg)

While taking Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) , Breast feeding should not be recommended.

Dosage of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg)

Patients suffered with compensated cirrhosis or without cirrhosis; One tablet of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) should be administered orally as once daily over period of 12 weeks. Patients suffered with decompensated cirrhosis; One Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) tablet should be combined with weight based ribavirin by administering with food for 12 hours. The dose of ribavirin should be calculated for the patients; Patient with <75kg of body weight, the recommended dose of ribavirin is 1000mg administered as twice daily. Patient with at least 75kg of body weight, recommended dose of ribavirin is 1200mg administered as twice daily. For both renal & hepatic impaired patients; Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) tablets dosage adjustment should not be recommended. 

Storage of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg)

The storage condition of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) tablet is kept at temperature below 30℃. Protect the container from light. Keep away from heat & moisture

Missed dose of Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg)

If you miss a dose of  Velpaclear (Sofosbuvir 400mg & Velpatasvir 100mg) Tablet , must be consult with medical practitioner & follow the dose. Prevent the missed dose by following the regular dosing schedule. Avoid self medication. Do not double the dose. 

Brand name:
International trade name:
Active substance:
Sofosbuvir and Velpatasvir
400mg & 100mg
Hepatitis C
Abbott India Ltd
28 Tablets
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